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Five Best Jobs & Careers for Remote Work

One of the primary reasons for remote work being so popular is its flexibility. Being a remote worker, you have the luxury to craft your career the way you want it. You control your schedules and enjoy your freedom while working. Not only does this promote great work-life balance, but it also enhances productivity.

During COVID-19, there has been an immense change of view on remote working. With the work from home order issued, every job has started supporting remote work. As such, a massive paradigm shift has been observed in terms of technology. People are now mandatorily required to work through computers and phones.


Unsplash | Remote work is heavily dependent on computer and phone usage

But not all jobs are suited to working remotely. Several industries have taken a hit because they can’t support remote work. Only a few fields are still making profits. If you’re considering a career as a remote resource, knowing which these jobs are is critical.

Here’s a list of some jobs and careers that would suit a remote worker the best:


If you write well and want to make some cool cash, remote work is right for you. You can venture into copywriting, social media management, branded content, and technical writing. To further enhance your remote work journey, you can venture into freelance writing through platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.


Marketing involves enhancing revenue growth through lead generation and brand awareness. Most businesses want to increase their online presence, so they need marketing pros. There are two types of marketers – specialists and generalists. You can opt to build a career in any of those categories.


Unsplash | Marketing is one remote working field that’s very lucrative

Software engineering

Software engineers make the most significant percentage of remote workers in the world. Every sector needs applications that solve customer problems, and software engineers are experts at building such apps. It has been observed that companies prefer to hire software professionals who are not in their vicinity. Such resources often prove to be the most productive. So this is one field that can yield high returns.

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Companies producing goods and services need a sales team to connect with customers. As a remote worker, you can build virtual relationships with people, know what they need, and solve their problems. And if you’re worried about social distancing, you can do connect with them via video calls.


For you to be a full-time remote worker in this field, you must be creative. You must be able to fulfill your client’s expectations. Just like writers, designers tend to work alone.


Unsplash | You could make great money working in the Design field too

To sum up

COVID-19 has increased opportunities in remote work. If you’ve recently suffered job loss, don’t worry. If you’re good at what you are doing, you are safe because there are many remote working opportunities out there you can take advantage of. But to land a remote job, you’d need flawless communication skills.

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