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No Interview Calls? It’s Time To Refresh Your CV Using These Tips

Whether you’ve just graduated or if you’re a professional with many years of experience under your belt, your CV is your magical key to exciting adventures and job prospects. Hence, you need to give it the proper attention and accolade that it deserves. After all, you’re the only one who’s going to benefit out of it.

Unsplash | You should put in ample time to make your CV perfect

Looking for a job often feels like a full-time job altogether. Firstly, you spend hours working on the perfect CV. Secondly, you fill out applications for countless available job positions. Thirdly, you keep waiting for the call-backs that sometimes take forever to arrive.

Don’t you think it’s time to speed up the process and land a viable job? If you’ve been submitting applications to no avail for a while now, you might want to reconsider your strategy. In other words, your CV probably needs some dusting up and tweaking.

If you’re unsure of where to start, no need to sweat it because we’ve got you! We’ve foraged the internet to gather special tips by recruitment experts to help you out with your CV.

Unsplash | Your CV should always attract the attention of recruitment experts

1. Keep Your CV Updated

Remember that as an active individual in the workforce, you are constantly growing and gaining new experience.

As such, that growth should always translate into your CV. Often people take such a long gap between updating their CV that they forget key experiences that could just land them their next big role. If you rush to add content into your CV every single time you’re out looking for a job, chances are that it won’t impress any recruitment officers.

2. Market Yourself

Remember that your CV is meant as a means to sell yourself to an audience. Therefore, you need to highlight skills and experiences related to a particular company to increase the chances of getting an interview call. If you keep failing to get an interview, your CV might not be appealing or convincing enough to your audience.

In either case, you need to revamp your CV, with an added focus on making your many accomplishments visible, rather than listing your responsibilities in a previous role.

Unsplash | Employ necessary tactics to boost your CV

3. Switch Up Your Strategy

Once your CV is revamped and polished, the next thing you need to think about is the means of application. If you have been applying in the same manner of filling in applications and sending emails without any interview calls, you might want to look for new techniques.

Registering yourself on professional job-seeking platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed might help. This will also help recruiters find you, and you could possibly land a job without even applying for it!

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