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The Richest Places In The USA To Live In As Of 2020

Tech tycoons, such as Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, and deceased Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, all have one thing in common: They all lived at the most opulent town in the United States of America.

For four consecutive years now, the suburbia of Atherton, California surmounted the yearly Richest Places Index of Bloomberg. In this place, the average household income is over $500K per year. Let’s dive more into what this rich town holds!

Atherton’s  Affluence

As Rachel Swann — a real estate brokerage managing partner for The Agency San Francisco — shared with CNBC Make It, Atherton is merely a 20-minute drive from Silicon Valley and a 45-minute drive to downtown San Francisco.

The town’s strategic location is one of the reasons why moguls and C-Suite executives are drawn to making it their residence of choice. Furthermore, Swann disclosed that the houses in Atherton are magnificent, with sprawling villas set over landscaped gardens and a stunning backdrop.

The Rest Of The Prime Five

Second to Atherton is New York’s Scarsdale, which is less than 25 miles distant from Manhattan. Hillsborough, California places at the third spot, and it is around 20 miles south of San Francisco. Then comes the Denver suburb of Cherry Hills Village, Colorado, and Los Altos Hills, California, neighboring Silicon Valley, as the fourth and fifth wealthiest places in America.

These four all have over $400K as their average household income. Another thing they have in common is that these five towns, along with the remaining ones part of Bloomberg’s top ten wealthiest places in the U.S., are all nearby major cities or by the seaside.

Bloomberg’s Top 10 Richest Towns

Per location in America, Bloomberg assessed inflation-adjusted household income data from the past year, with a modicum of 2,000 households, and listed them by average household income. With that in mind, we give you the 10 wealthiest places in the United States:

  1. Atherton in California has an average household income of $525,324.
  2. Scarsdale in New York has an average household income of $452,041.
  3. Hillsborough in California has an average household income of $430,681
  4. Cherry Hills Village in Colorado has an average household income of $406,314
  5. Los Altos Hills in California has an average household income of $405,073
  6. Short Hills in New Jersey has an average household income of $388,760
  7. Highland Park in Texas has an average household income of $365,025
  8. Glencoe in Illinois has an average household income of $358,543
  9. Winnetka in Illinois has an average household income: $353,700
  10. Darien in Connecticut has an average household income of $352,839

Point To Ponder

The widening gap between rich and poor places is currently the darkest spot in the American economy. Since the ’80s, demographic inequality has led to dissent among citizens based on education, health, and wealth.

The blue and red America is currently on the verge of division because a handful of people are getting highly paid jobs and are moving to luxurious places, causing high geographic gaps. Ultimately, this contributes to a biased division when it comes to other factors, too.

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